The Celebrity Challenge

Battle of the Alpha-Males

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Week 1: Chapter 1
Disclaimer: First and foremost I have to say that this story is work of fiction.  I have no knowledge of the habits of any of the celebrities named in it, nor do I mean to imply anything about them or their sexuality.  Secondly I should not that this is an ADULT work that features graphic male/male sexual encounters.  There’s nothing overly graphic in this chapter but there will be in future installments.  If you are not of age to read such works, or are offended by such please do not read them.

Note:  This is going to be an interactive work.  For every chapter there will be polls/illustrations (by my talented partner in crime Demon48180) at and  I encourage you to vote whenever the opportunity is given and send any feedback, suggestions, or complaints to  Also the fic is intended to be in the style of a reality show.  Text written in the following format: Character name: comment in italics signifies an interview given to the camera.

    There was never anything quite like The Celebrity Challenge before.  It was a reality competition like no other, there was no intended air date, no network censorship, no grand prize waiting at the end.  In fact, the entire thing was never meant for public consumption.  It was more like a modern day casting couch, aptly named The Celebrity Challenge as fame was both a requirement for participation, and a reward.  You see, the challenge was the brain child of a certain VERY rich and VERY powerful Hollywood producer, who had a certain fondness for hot and heavy man on man action.  He gathered the ten most tantalizing men in entertainment and offered them the opportunity to impress him.  They all of course jumped at the chance knowing that if they won this competition their careers would be made.

    All ten celebs agreed to isolate themselves from society, reside in a house, and take place in weekly competitions.  Each week one of the guys would be kicked out of the house, until one alpha-male was left standing.  It was a simple enough concept, almost like Big Brother but with a twist.  What precisely their challenge would entail was never made explicitly clear, but they all were very much aware that they were entering a contest of sexual prowess, one that would have a heavy emphasis on same sex relations.  Such encounters would be far more ‘challenging’ to some contestants than to others, as these contestants ranged from some of tinsel towns most notorious same-sex playboys to guys who have never so much as had sexual thought about the male form.

    The Celebrity Challenge began simple enough.  Ten men were seated in ten identical rooms.  There was nothing notable about the rooms.  Each had four walls, one door, some hidden cameras, a loudspeaker, and one unremarkable bench.  The men inside had no clue what their new home would look like, who they would be living with, or what would be asked of them.  Perhaps one of the most anxious contestants was Chris Evans.  When first invited to participate, Chris was both flattered and pretty damn confident.  After being cast as Captain America, Chris spent night and day toning his already more than impressive physique.  He knew he had the body to be alpha-male but he found himself increasingly on edge at the prospect of homosexual activities.  Back in high-school, Chris had allowed one of his brother’s gay friends to give him a blowjob (which actually turned out to be the best of his life to date) but that had been his only same sex encounter.  Taking a deep breath, Chris ran his fingers through his hair and reminded himself that this might actually be a good time.  Across the way, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles needed no such reminder.  His foot tapped rapidly, as he sat on the bench.  His intense stare nearly bore a hole through the door, as the gorgeous man passively chewed on his lower lip.  Unlike Chris, Jensen was pretty well versed in the art of male persuasion.  The CW was a very close knit group of exceedingly beautiful guys most.... who are we kidding... all of which loved nothing more than having sex with each other.  In that group, Jensen, a veteran since his days on Smallville, was king.  Having fucked, sucked, been blown and fucked by every man on his network Jensen had a well earned expert for being a tireless hound, and one of the best lays in Hollywood.  As such he knew that win or lose, he would love what was about to happen.

      The loudspeakers in Jensen and Chris’s rooms crackled to life.  “Your door has been unlocked.  Please make your way into the connecting room,” a monotone voice gently ordered.  The connecting room was a huge living room, equipped with a series of couches, end tables, and plenty of free space.  There were five doors on one wall, and five across from them.  On the left side of the room, one of the doors swung open and Jensen strode out, a shit eating grin plastered across his face.  He rubbed his hands together and surveyed the room.  One of the doorknobs on the right side began to jiggle.  The door creaked open and Mr. Evans ventured out.  He immediately made eye contact with Jensen, whose face had a look that could hardly be described.  It was unmistakably predatory yet charming and calming even.  Jensen looked him up and down, though the aggression was tempered with a gentle welcoming.  Jensen: I am definitely happy to see Chris.  Handsome face.  Chiseled body.  I’m gonna have fun breaking him in.  Jensen moves towards the other man with hand outreached.  “Hey,” Jensen said with a cool confidence, as the two shook hands. 

    They were soon interrupted by the crackle of the loudspeaker.  “Good morning, gentlemen.  It is requested that you refrain from interacting until otherwise instructed.  Please return to your respective sides, and strip naked.”  That got a chuckle from both men, the sheer oddity of the request overriding the otherwise awkward tone of the interaction.  Each man made their was back to their perspective side.  Jensen could feel Chris’s eyes on him as he began to undo his belt.  Flashing up a sly grin, the Supernatural star slowly slid the belt through the belt loops of his khakis.  Chris: To say that he is flirting with me is the understatement of the century.  I normally wouldn’t think much of it, but I mean... he’s pretty, prettier than most women.  It’s kind of hard not to stare when he flashes that smile.  Jensen’s fingers, playful tugged back and forth at his zipper as Chris decided to get down to business.  Chris slid off his sleek leather jacket and hastily pulled off his the tight white cotton T that was hugging his muscular frame.  Jensen slowly slid his black undershirt up and over his head, and began to quietly swivel his hips, until his khaki’s slithered down his legs and he was standing there with nothing other than a very impressive bulge in a pair of tighty whites.  At that point he stood still, and Chris continued to stare, intrigued.  It took a minute for Chris to realize why Jensen’s strip tease came to a sudden halt; it was Chris’s turn.  Chris rapidly dispensed with his own jeans, and the sensible cloth boxers until he was standing in his birthday suit.  Jensen grinned.  If that was Captain America, the country sure as hell had something to be proud about.  Making good on his unspoken agreement, Jensen shucked off his underwear revealing his quite sizable cock.  Chris was impressed, and he guessed it showed on his face because Jensen shot him a wink that said “everything’s bigger in Texas.”

    Before the intimate duel could advance any further, two more doors slid open, one on each side of the room.  Out of the one on Chris’s side sauntered Twilight superstar Taylor Lautner.  Chris: They are definitely pulling out the big guns.  Taylor was one of the, if not THE, “it” boy in the film business.  The young star was known nearly as well for his sexual escapades as his smoldering good looks.  Taylor was no stranger to gay sex, and he did intend to have fun while he was here, but he didn’t seem nearly as cavalier as Jensen had about the entire ordeal.  He gave a quiet once over to the two men whose gorgeous and very naked bodies were on display, and then his gaze drifted to the man who just exited the door across from his.  The man was noticeably skittish.  Smart money would say that this was going to be his first foray into the world of homosexuality.  He wasn’t a striking beauty like Jensen or a powerhouse jock like Chris.  He definitely had a sexiness to him though, it was just a kind of bookish, nerdy sexiness as he fiddled with the threads at the base of his shirt.  Zachary Levi was, as one would’ve assumed, inexperienced in same sex dalliances, though in truth such a reality only seemed to add to his charm.  Taylor made a note of how cute Zach was before hastily stripping down.  Taylor was more than comfortable with his body, not a surprise considering he was shirtless in 95% of all pictures taken of him in any normal circumstance.  In a supercharged sexual environment, it was really a miracle he remained clothed as long as he did.  In three minutes time he was naked and standing against the wall, next to Chris.  By which point, Zach was still absentmindedly pulling at the threads of his shirt.  Zach:  I’m just standing there in the room with three naked gods, and I know I’m supposed to strip too but I don’t have a freaking eight pack like they do.  Fixing his mind on the task at hand, Zach closed his eyes and pulled off his shirt, slid off his pants, and tossed his underwear aside.  He tried to ignore the cold breeze blowing against him, as his eyes cracked open.  He could see Jensen.  Then man offered a taciturn grin, meant to be welcoming or soothing.  But for one reason or the next, it made Zach all the more uneasy.  He stiffened up and looked straight ahead, only to find Chris and Taylor give him the same gentle, reassuring look.  Zach:  They were clearly trying to make me feel comfortable.  I appreciate that Zach smiled to himself before climbing in line. 

    The next set of doors swung open and Channing Tatum walked out of one of the doors on the right.  The pattern was becoming clear.  Film stars were on the right side of the room, TV personalities on the left.  The G.I. Joe stud was the film team’s token straight boy.  In his time as a stripper, Channing certainly gotten more than his share of male admirers, but he’d never crossed any sort of line with them.  He began to disrobe, carefully folding each article of clothing as it slid from his flesh, as he looked around the room.  Straight boy that he was, he saw a room of handsome naked men, nothing more nothing less.  Across from him was Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore.  Shemar saw much more in the room than Channing.  Shemar saw pretty boys, just waiting to get drilled with a big black cock, and he couldn’t wait to be the man to give them a pounding.  Shemar walked with a certain swagger, it was the same swagger he did everything with.  A cocky grin plastered on his face he locked eyes with the young Twilight star, making his eventual intent all too clear.  Taylor was surprised by the forwardness but encouraged what felt like his own private strip tease from the Nubian god.  Tossing his sweatshirt to the ground, Shemar revealed his breathtaking chest.  With rippling abs, heaving pecs, and huge biceps, Shemar was definitely meeting his objective of pleasing Lautner.  He bent down to to undo his pants, intentionally showing off his taut and gorgeous back muscles in the process.  The strip down was closely reaching it’s grand reveal.  Shemar pulled at his ill fitting boxers, at this point the sole garment on his body, and inch by inch his skin became visible until the boxers fluttered to the ground and his big, thick pendulum dick swung out in the open. Taylor:  Shemar is.... let’s just say that Shemar is a very impressive man.  With his trademark swagger the ebony adonis took his place in the line up, having left the desired affect on his quarry.  Had he been a little more observant, he might have realized that Taylor was not the only man he impressed.  With a gleam in his eye, Jensen Ackles licked his lips.  He liked this man’s style.

     Two more doors were unlocked, and the first man who emerged was a familiar young blonde.  Chord Overstreet was relatively new to the Hollywood scene, but he made a big splash, having been added to the cast of Glee as their unabashed source of eye candy.  Fresh faced, hard bodied, and ready to explore, Chord wore an innocent smile on his face.  Chord: The first thing that I noticed? Cocks.  Huge fucking cocks.  Shemar, Channing, and Jensen are.... [chuckle] what can I say?  I’m a size queen.  Chord was a looker, there could be no question at that.  The man who came from the door opposite him, however, was so striking that everyone seemed to forget poor Chord was in the room.  Zac Effron was a blond haired, blue eyed, baby-faced beauty in the prime of his life.  Young enough to still  retain his boyish cuteness, but old enough to have the hunky strength of a man.  The contestants watched on bated breath, as the feather haired blond unzipped his jacket revealing a form-fitting shirt, that wrapped around his tantalizing form.  Chris: Gorg- Channing: -eous Zach: No questionsThe shirt soon drifted to the floor and Zac’s jeans followed suit.  Ever since Zac first appeared, Taylor had a huge smile plastered across his face.  Young Hollywood was small.  He already knew Zac, intimately from time to time but mainly just as a friend.  It was a load off to know that there was at least one familiar face.  Zac was equally pleased to know that he had a friend here.  Once he was naked he rushed over to Taylor and gave the other man a welcoming hug. It was a sight that was met with resounding approval, most notably from Shemar and Jensen.  As Taylor and Zac’s bodies pressed together, Shemar let loose a sharp whistle, and Jensen cried out his own cat call of “Oh yeah!”  Zac glanced over at his admirers with an amused smirk, before pulling Taylor into a deep kiss.  Jensen and Shemar let loose their whoops and hollers of approval until the louspeaker chimed back in.  “Mr. Ackles, Mr. Moore, you are reminded that silence is imperative at this stage in the process,” the loudspeaker reprimanded.  Zac tossed one hand around Taylor’s shoulder and stood at ease.  Across the way the two TV stars bit their tongues and exchanged glances as they each tried to suppress giggle fits, like scolded school boys.  Zach: These two guys living together... it might be a very good or a very bad thing. 

      With eight men positioned as instructed, the final pair of doors unlocked.  On the right side Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynolds emerged.  Ryan was a welcome addition to the line up, from his strong, sharp jaw to his sick body, Ryan was a hottie.  Ry also happened to be a bisexual.  He had been man about Hollywood in his heyday, during the course of his marriage he had reasonably been lacking the requisite manlove.  Fresh off the heels of his break up, he was eager to indulge some of his carnal desire, and maybe get a career bump out of it too.  He happily surveyed the delicious smorgasbord that sat before his eyes.  The final addition to the cast, was perhaps the most heterosexual and the least famous of the group.  You’d think such things would reasonably lead to some shyness about his present situation.  If you did, you had never met WWE’s Mike the “Miz.”  He never once considered the remotest possibility that he wouldn’t dominate totally.  So cocky son of bitch that he was, Miz thundered out of his door and took a look at all the future losers before him.  Without giving much of a second thought, he began to discard his clothing.  Ever the showman, Miz decided to strike a number of poses through the process.  Flexing his muscles in cheesy but nonetheless effective muscleman poses, his behavior raised a few eyebrows amongst the men, no one quite knew how to react. What captured the attention of the other castmates was not so much another set of gorgeous guys getting rid of all their clothes, but that each of these men had something extra, a large bottle.  They didn’t acknowledge it initially.  Ryan and the Miz simply stripped naked and got in line like the rest of the men.       

    “Welcome, gentlemen, to The Celebrity Challenge.  As you may have devised, I have separated you into two teams, one of film stars and the other of television stars.  You will compete in a series of challenges at my request.  I’ve asked you to strip because the clothing you wear here will be assigned and given to you at a later time.  I request you stay unclothed for the next twenty four hours.”  The voice explained “Now I’m sure you’re all anxious to get to know each other and explore your surroundings.  First however, there’s one thing more I ask of you.”

    “Can we talk, yet?” Zac Effron called out curiously. 

    “Most certainly.” The voice answered with a light laugh.  “Now Miz, Ryan.  I’ve given each of you a large body of bottle oil.  Please select one member of your team and ask him to apply it to your entire body.”

    “All right,” Ryan lit up with joy as he considered his options.
    The Miz perked up and stepped out of line.  Walking back and forth, along the length of lineup he looked each man over from head to to.  “Well, well, who hear thinks they’re worthy enough to worship the body of the man who is going to kick your ass!” he taunted.

    “Boy, I think you gotta screw loose,” Shemar chuckled in shock.

    “Is that a request?” Miz snorted getting up in Shemar’s face. 

    “Sure as hell isn’t.” Shemar replied pulling back a bit, in hopes of increasing the uncomfortably close distance between their faces. 

    “Sounds like it to me,” Miz laughed shoving the bottle into Shemar’s hand.  Shemar took it begrudgingly.  He glanced up at the loudspeaker.  This guy seemed like the definition of a jackass, but Shemar knew the game’s master would prefer he acquiesce to the request.  Shemar poured an ample amount of oil on his hands and began kneading it into the Miz’s admittedly impressive shoulders, before letting his hands guide down to the man’s biceps.  “Don’t look so uncomfortable, buddy,” Miz patronized as he slapped Shemar on the ass.

    Ryan had a much smoother time in enlisting the services of Chris Evans.  At present the blonde superhero’s fingers drifted down Ryan’s half greased abs.  Chris was clearly curious, and Ryan was only too eager to allow him the opportunity to explore.  “Getting in those crevices, making sure they’re nice and oily?” Ryan joked.

    “Can’t miss a spot,” Chris responded, his finger sliding along indentations of Ryan’s abs.

    “Ever gonna move on?” Ryan laughed.

    “I’m working my way down,” Chris’s voice wavered.

    “Never touched another man’s dick, huh?”

    “Can’t say that I have.”

    “First time for everything,” Ryan said taking Chris’s hand and placing it on his own cock.  “Don’t worry.  Should be easy it’s not hard or anything.”  Chris let Ryan guide his hand.  His slick fingers slid over the other man’s flaccid dick, sending a shiver of pleasure up Ryan’s body.  “Oh, so gentle...” Ryan teased “You really know how to please a man, Chrissy.”

    Chris Evans cleared his throat and took a step back.  “There’ you go.  Officially all greased.  Head to toe.”

    “Then I do believe it is your turn,” Ryan said picking up the bottle.  “May I do the honor?”
    Across the way, Miz’s torso glistened with a fresh sheen of oil.  Shemar was kneeling down finishing up with Mike’s legs.  “I love you down there,” Miz laughed,  “It’s like your bowing before me.”

    “Yeah, well don’t get used to that,” Shemar remarked sardonically as he rose from the now fully slicked man before him.  “Because I highly doubt that’s going to happen again.”

    Relieved of his duty, Shemar took the bottle of oil and made his way over to Jensen.  “Hey, sweetness, my name is Shemar,” He introduced himself with a very wide welcoming smile, and Jensen reciprocated.  “Would you mind oiling me up?” Shemar requested.

    “I was hoping you’d ask that,” Jensen grinned.  Jensen took the bottle from Shemar and splashed it across his chest.  He stood there a minute, not touching, admiring the flow of liquid down the other man’s chiseled form. 

    “Mr. Lautner, Mr. Overstreet, you will each find a bottle of oil in the rooms from which you exited.  Let’s liven up these festivities, shall we?” The voice from the speaker box asked.

    Chord and Taylor took the hint and things really started to heat up.  In no time, Miz was rubbing all over Chord’s sexy little body and Zac and Taylor were having a ball together.  Playfully squirting each other with the oil, the two teen idols were all but three seconds from what could only be described as oil wrestling.  Meanwhile, Jensen was putting in some extra credit with Shemar.  Not content to merely slather his ebony hunk with oil, the CW star had been doing some serious massaging and Shemar grunted in his acceptance happily.  “Damn, boo,” Shemar cooed.  “It’s like you’re a fucking masseuse,”  Shemar mewled as Jensen stood behind him, Jensen’s hands wrapped around his waist and pressing Shemar’s back close to Jensen’s naked chest.  “But you missed a spot,” Shemar added referring to his pecs, the only part of his body not left shimmering.

    “Nope,” Jensen replied.  Leaning in so he could nip at Shemar’s ear.  “Saved that for last.”

    On the other side of the room, Chris and Channing stood slacked jawed, taking in the naked reverie that had burst forth.  They new it was mild in comparison to what was to come.  It was exciting and intimidating.  “Hey there, straightos.” Ryan teased throwing his arms around their shoulders.  “Enjoying the shows?”  And what shows they were.  In addition to Miz and Cordy working together to get a very tense Zach nice and greasy, Taylor and Zac’s oiled bodies still writhed about a few feet from them.  Zac was straddling Taylor’s body, running his hands back and forth over Lautner’s shoulders before leaning down and gently nuzzling the end of his face.  “I’m afraid you’re fully greased.”  Then there was Jensen and Shemar.  Jensen’s head lowered to the other man’s nipple and gently took it between his lips.  Shemar inhaled sharply, breathlessly.  His toes curled, hands clenched and his legs wobbled, as Jensen’s tongue flicked it’s way around the sensitive skin of his nipples.  After giving one the tender love and care he deigned necessary he moved on to the other.   The pleasure was written all over Shemar’s face... it was that kind of slow tortuous joy that felt so good that one craved everything happen faster and yet go on forever.  As Jensen finished and got to his feet, Shemar leaned in to whisper in his ear.  “I am going to fuck you so hard,” Shemar growled fiercely.

“It better be harder than I’ve ever had it,” Jensen snarked back.  

“You keep this up, I’ll plow your ass until you can’t walk,” he added with a low lusty tone.  

The gawkers had moved on, most of them anyway.  Ryan had taken to making sure Channing was covered but Chris kept staring at the display Jensen and Shemar were putting on.  He remembered that ridiculously enticing smile Jensen gave him when they first walked out.  “Wow, Captain, you really are enjoying the show,” Ryan laughed as he caught a glance of Chris.

“What...” Chris said snapping out of it.

“You’ve got a stiffy,” Channing laughed. 
Chris was completely taken off guard. “I do?” He felt like he was blushing, but he wasn’t sure.  It seemed silly to blush now.  He was standing naked and greased in front of a room of equally greased and naked men and this was causing him to get flustered.  The surprise broke, and Chris repeated himself “I do...  I’m aroused by other men.”  He sounded excited, almost proud.  Looking down at his harden dick he practically beamed... it was kind of abso-fucking-lutely adorable to see this big strong alpha-male so proud of the fact that he did, indeed, have homosexual tendencies. 

“And now you make out with them too,” Ryan grinned before stealing a kiss.

Shemar took the bottle of oil from Jensen “My turn now, boo.”

“You and me can finish this later,” Jensen said, snatching the bottle back.  “One of our friends seems like he needs some attention.”  On the outskirts of the whole sordid affair was Zachary Levi.  The hot nerd, tried his best to fit in, but the entire time he seemed somewhat uncomfortable out of place.  He saw Jensen approaching him and cringed.  He knew the oversexed star was probably intent on making him feel comfortable but, Zach really just wished he could fade into the background.  “Would you help me with something?” Jensen asked.

“I’m sure you’d have much better time with one of the other...” Zach began to protest but Jensen cut him off putting the oil bottle in Zach’s hand.

Things were winding down for the most part.  Zac Effron hung back with Taylor as they looked out over the room.  “So what do we think?” Zac asked with a smirk.

“Glad you’re here.  Glad we’re on the same team.” Taylor responded evenly.

“Agreed.  The others... are interesting.”

“Hell yeah,” Taylor laughed.  “I promise you one thing, I’m sucking Shemar dry before we get out of here.”

“I guess he’d pretty hot... in that obvious I’m so fucking buff, and gorgeous kind of way,” Zac surmised.

“Oh?” Taylor laughed “Who do you have your eye on?”

“Chuck over there is a cutey.” Zac responded.

“Zachary Levi?” Taylor responded.

“Just look at him,” Zac laughed.

Zach’s hands ran back and forth over Jensen’s bare ass.  “What’s it feel like?” Jensen asked not bothering to look back at the man behind him.  Zach seemed confused by the question and didn’t answer initially. “What’s it feel like?” Jensen asked again, Zach’s hands quickly running down his butt cheeks.

“I.. I don’t know... soft... firm... big?”

“But what does it feel like?” Jensen persisted.

“I... I don’t know.  Just an ass.” Zach said glad to be done with his task.  He stepped back, unaware that the other Zac had been keeping an interested eye on him.

“Exactly,” Jensen said as he turned to him.  “It’s not a guys ass... or a girls ass.  It’s just an ass.  A kiss is just a kiss, and blowjob is just a blowjob.  Remember that.  It’ll help you lighten up.” Jensen gave him a wink before sauntering his freshly oiled body back to the line up.  Zach reluctantly followed uncertain about what his experience would bring him.

“Gentlemen, I appreciate your cooperation,” the speakerbox crackled.

“Anytime, Charlie,” Ryan cracked.

“Yes, well, angels, I just have one thing more to ask of you and then you’ll be free to roam.  In each of the rooms you’ve emerged from, there is a piece of paper.  On it please rank the other men on your team... 1 through 4 in terms of their attractiveness.  One being the most attractive and four being the least attractive.  Other than that... have fun men.” The voice ended and the ten men exchanged looks.  What was to happen next was entirely up to them...

All right, so that was the first chapter.  Sorry about the lack of hardcore smut and long length but I needed to get those pesky ‘plot’ and ‘character’ things out of the way first.  :)  The next section should be much more meaty.  As stated above all comments, requests, concerns, are welcomed at  Particularly I’d like to know who you guys would like to be ranked as the most attractive man on each team.  And sites with polls and fakes are and

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Personally...I liked the story. You can't help but establish the story/plot line to set the reader up...I think you're beating yourself up a little too much over that. The manips are GREAT!I'd have to vote for JENSEN, ZAC E., AND CHRIS EVANS. Well done though-interested to see where it will go!

I have to vote for Zac Efron and Jesse McCartney!

really nice ... I doubted at the beginning and I was wrong!
I chose the film team (to join of course!)! there is my favorite Ryan Reynolds (Channing tatum and Chris evans after!!)!
and the Miz for the second team but in fourth position!! lol

I kinda only wish that you had mentioned exactly how "big" all the guys were. ;). But it was the hottest story ive read in a really long time.


I really want to vote for Jensen, but I can't betray Zac E. This story is amazing,by the way!

Never mind! I can vote for both! LOL!

My Lord this is gonna be fun ^_^ though personally I would have loved to see a proper daddy figure, like John Schneider, in here, would've made things really interesting.

I love the plot, this is so hot! I vote for Jensen, Channing, Chris and Shemar :p

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